Jack Lumber

Use the supernatural powers of Jack Lumber to massacre the forest and make Granny proud in this time-warping line-drawing log-slicing pun-filled lumberjacking mashup from Owlchemy Labs!

  • Technical support and consulting services for the excellent gents at Owlchemy Labs
  • Real time path smoothing.
  • Flash animation importer.
Jack Lumber - SEGA

Element Music Player

A Windows 8, Next-Gen, Kinectic, Visualized, sensory Music Experience.

  • Features 5 cutting edge music visualizations.
  • Beat matching, auto-DJing, and accelerometer driven music-filters and effects.
  • Modern search-based song selection and library browsing.
Available on the Windows store

Zombie Wonderland 2

The sequel to Zombie Wonderland for iOS and Android. Includes in-app purchasing, 12 levels, an overworld, 25 enemies, new weapons, grenades and cleaning tools.

  • Chillingo published, iTunes featured iOS app.
  • TapJoy published, Google featured Android app.
  • Tools to allow client to add content with minimal programmer participation.
Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! - Chillingo Ltd Android app on Google Play

Jumpin' Puppy

Run, jump, and blast through tricky levels loaded with rocket boosts, huge ramps, and dangerous obstacles!

  • iOS and Web integration using out in house cross-platform asset toolchain.
  • Created 2D level editor to allow producer to create and test levels on the fly.
  • Social integration, In-app purchases, Leaderboards and Achievements.
Jumpin Puppy - Play Games for Life

Reign of Steel

Reign of Steel is a realtime multiplayer 3d tank action game deployed on the Unity web-player. Integrated with the Facebook social API, Reign of Steel seamlessly pits players against their friends in a fast-paced 3d world without ever leaving the browser.

  • Destructible obstacles, distance-filtered audio, and location-based tank damage effects.
  • Cutting-edge latency compensation based on client-side input prediction.
Play Online

Zombie Wonderland

Zombie Wonderland is a 3d zombie-bashing window boarding goo-mopping action extravagana. Zombie Wonderland was a top 10 selling app in the US, Canada, France, and elsewhere at release.

  • Chillingo published, apple featured integrated iPhone/iPad.
  • Developed a Unity-integrated automated build system for one-click mobile builds.
Zombie Wonderland - Chillingo Ltd