A visit to Execution Labs in Montréal

posted by horsman on April 29, 2013

On the way home from Game Developer’s Conference this year I went to Montréal to spend a week as a mentor in Execution Labs, Jason Della Rocca‘s indie incubator. The space is situated on the plateau near the infamous Schwartz’s Deli.

On Tuesday the day began with a prepared presentation ‘Lenses: A comfortable way to manage shared state’. It covered in depth a thought that Craig touched on in a previous blog post. Slides are available here and generic implementation + sample code is here.

After the talk I was able to meet each of the impressive teams working on great mobile games. I was especially impressed with Double Stallion’s Big Action Mega Fight (BAMF for short; Hmmmm…) on the technical side of things. I enjoyed excellent design conversation with Lightning Rod Games’ Steven Smith and Imaginary Games‘ Chris Powell; both multi-talented developer/designer/bizdudes. Andrew at Miscellaneum Studios and I talked at length about cross platform GUI, Continuous Integration and Unity’s Script Execution Order for the camera in their title The Firemasters. Finally I was able to play through Pixel Crucible’s work in progress game which is draws inspiration from some of my favorite games.

Next up was Mont Royal Game Society monthly meetup where I tried my hand at Super Punch ball and had entirely too much poutine. Then on Thursday was a 5 á 7 with TAG Concordia where I learned how to play koi koi with otakus and game designers.

Friday capped off my journey with a wonderful visit to Minority Media followed by giving a talk to the Montreal Unity User Group where I demoed my (potential) talk for Unite 2013 on extending coroutines (Based on this post but made a bit more accessible). After the talk I went to a really great japanese whiskey bar on St. Laurent. and crashed with some awesome game designers.

Montreal is one hell of a game development scene that I would be proud to call home; but boy was I ready to be back in Halifax after the 2.5 week tour-de-force. Next stop, Toronto for TOJAM8 with Petar and Paul and a MIDI controller!

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